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The Kansas City Bettys

Our history

The Kansas City Bettys started in 2009 with Melinda and Mica dressed up as USO girls for a military event. They were such a hit that the requests for future appearance rolled in. Not long after, Christine and Rachel joined the team, and the Kansas City Bettys were born! Named for the most iconic woman's name of the WWII era, the Bettys have been serving our community's veterans ever since!

The Heartland Fly Girls

The Bettys were first called into action many years ago by the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B. The Bettys have since been dedicated to entertaining WWII veterans for many years. But when automatic dishwashers and vacuum cleaners tidied up our schedules, we suddenly found time to enjoy sock hops and swamp rock. Since then our mission hasn’t changed. We are still entertaining our troops with the same pride and enthusiasm as we always have. So, for those of you who loved rationing, victory gardens, and the Andrews Sisters, the Bettys will remain firmly entrenched in the WWII era. Our new endeavor, the Heartland Fly Girls, will modernize our USO inspired show, performing music and jokes from the space race to the jet age!